Body Back Success Story!

If you've seen me in the last few weeks - I've probably mentioned my Fit4Mom New Tampa - Body Backweight loss journey. Well the final weigh in was on Monday, and I am floored by my results. After 8 weeks of 5:30am work outs, exercising every day, and completely changing my eating habits - I have lost 20 pounds, over 15 inches, and 2 pants sizes!

I could not have done this without Zach Niebauer's support of my learning to cook and early morning workouts. Jenni Bustamante Craftonthank you for your motivation, instruction and friendship - you have built an amazing community of moms! To any of my mom friends who are looking for a exercise program, the Body Back Workoutis amazing. Its hard, it takes real change in the way you think about food and exercise, but it is so worth it.