The Top Myths About Stroller Strides-

Myth 10: I can't go because it is during my baby's nap time.

I fell prey to this when my first was a baby. I'd feed him breakfast, he'd nap, he'd wake and then it was lunch time, after I got lunch cleaned up, he'd nap again, then it was time to start dinner. I was a prisoner in my own home! Mommies need interaction. Trust me, your baby will adapt, he/she might even surprise you and take a nap in the stroller during class. Mine did!

Myth 9: I can't get a good workout at the mall.

Trust me, you can! Talk to Stroller Strides moms or, better yet, come check it out yourself. Your legs and arms will burn and you'll break a sweat.

Myth 8: I'd be too embarrassed to workout at the mall.

Here's the good thing - the only other people there are mall walking, so they are getting their exercise, too! We meet before the stores open.

Myth 7: I don't know anyone there and would feel awkward.

Again, the best way to see that this is not true is to come try it! It is a very welcoming group of women and I would bet you will form a special bond with them. It's not like your average fitness class, where you just come in, get your sweat on, and take off. It also provides a support group for you and an instant playgroup for your little one.

Myth 6: It's too expensive.

I would venture to guess that many of you have your children in gymnastics, swimming, or something similar. The typical monthly rate for those activities in this area is about $75*/month. That monthly rate is usually for a 30 minute to 1 hour class on time per week. For just $60/month you get at least 3 hours of exercise (Up to six if you take ALL of our classes all week!), a few hours of scheduled playgroup, fun take-home art projects (Hand Print Turkey Anyone?), Moms Night Out, Moms With a Mission, and special discounts and sales only open to Stroller Strides Members!

Myth 5 - I can't exercise during my pregnancy.

ACOG (the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) says that "Exercise during pregnancy can help prepare you for labor and childbirth." In their guidelines for "Exercise During Pregnancy"they go on to help guide you through some of the amazing benefits of exercising that include reducing backaches, constipation, reduced fatigue and may help prevent gestational diabetes. So definitely speak with your doctor, and know that all of our instructors are specially certified to help modify exercises for you during your amazing journey in Motherhood!

Myth 4 - My baby will cry and disrupt the entire class.

Babies cry. It's their way of communicating with us.

YES - during classes, babies do sometimes cry. Maybe they're hungry...maybe they need a new diaper. But you never need to feel self-conscious about taking a moment to care for them. When they're all set, join right back in. Every mom, including your instructor has struggled with their baby during class at some time.

And believe me...the more you come, the better your baby is.

Myth 3 - My child won't sit in a Stroller Anymore.

Sometimes your child may surprise you. Most moms who think this, are surprised to come and take their FREE trial and find that their child is willing to sit for the hour, and actually ENJOYS class!

Myth 2 - I'll never get out of my house that early.

As a new mom, the biggest challenge we face is getting out of the house. PERIOD. Whether it's for a 9 am class, or a 2 pm doctor's appointment there's always something stopping us from getting out of the house on time, or at all. Plan ahead! Pack your diaper bag the night before, lay out your and baby's clothes the night before, so that in the morning you just need to get up, dress your baby and go! You don't need to get dressed and wear make-up. We're here to exercise, and everyone will just be glad that you made it!

Myth 1 - It's a Walking Club.

Stroller Strides is NOT a collection of moms pushing their stroller and drinking a latte. We are a group of women united in our journey to get back our pre-baby bodies and we aren't afraid to work for it! We do everything in our classes from cardio drills, kick boxing and strength training to pilates and yoga. The only thing we haven't figured out how to get in class is Spinning® and that's because it's too hard to push the stroller and drag the bike...